Q. What is all this hype about Copyright?

A. Unlike the common street definition of copyright, meaning to "copy-right", many of the modern day translations of the Bible are actually protected by International Copyright law. For example, the NIV, NKJV, NASB, NLT are all subject to Copyright. This means that we may not make them available to the general public (you in this case) without permission from the Copyright holder. This generally means paying a large sum of money ($10,000!) to the copyright holder once off, AS WELL as a distribution fee for each copy distributed. As Bible Database is FREEWARE on the one hand, and we do not have the money to pay the Copyright holders on the other, these translations are not available for download at the present time. Should there be a change in this status we will immediately make them available. For a more complete discussion on this subject please refer to the WEB FAQ.

If we have mistakenly made material available which is Copyrighted and should not have, please advise us and we will rectify it immediately.

Q. Are any of the EZ Read Bible files subject to Copyright?

A. Yes. Some files on these pages are subject to Copyright [not by us but by the Authors/Translators of the work]. This means if you download the file you must abide by the terms of the Copyright or you may not download them. Where a file is Copyrighted the terms of the Copyright holder are printed next to the download link. Please respect these terms. If you do not we may be forced to remove the material by the Copyright holder.